DJ Khaled’s “Staying Alive” Video features FOLDS Scrubs, Back in Stock after repeatedly selling out

FOLDS Wear, the world’s first full-circle recyclable, sustainable, anti-viral medical scrubs, has re-launched its core collection after selling out within 24 hours upon initial launch and repeatedly since. Now, after expanding production to meet demand, the brand has re-launched its core collection with expanded colorways and limited-edition offerings. 

“We’ve been working so diligently since we first launched back in February 2021 to keep up with demand and are so excited to finally be restocking our scrubs,” states Nina Kharey, Founder & CEO Foldswear Inc. “We’re proud to have expanded production, to be able to offer immediate delivery for all orders, while also introducing a new core colorway and new styles for men and women.”
Originally launched in February of 2021, FOLDS Wear sold out during pre-order and again on launch day. The brand then followed a made-to-order structure, with a two-to-six-week turnaround, to keep up with increased demand. The re-launch will bring back a full inventory of the brand’s six core styles, adding an additional top style for women and men, with new colorway Navy.
To mark the re-launch, Folds was most recently featured in DJ Khaled’s new music video “Staying Alive” ft. Drake and Lil Baby, released on Friday, August 5, 2022. Catch Folds in limited edition colorways Neptune (Teal) and Mars (red) in the video. 


“It’s a pretty exciting moment when some of the hip hop industry’s finest and most notable artists, including Canadian icon Drake, embrace Folds by featuring so many of them in this video!” Continues Kharey.
FOLDS, an engineering tech PPE company, merging coveted fashion design and medicine at the intersection of sustainability and technology offers medical professionals’ new options for protective medical wear, build for comfort and performance.
Folds are:
·         Made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic, carpets & airbags
·         The first odorless, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial scrubs
·         100% recyclable
·         The first eco-friendly scrubs that can be washed 400+ times, lasting on average twice as long as current scrubs 
·         Ethically designed and manufactured in Canada, with living wages and safe, comfortable working conditions
Folds re-launch is exclusively available on