Five reason’s why Boreal Folk is one of Canada’s favorite skincare brands 

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1. Our products are made from mindfully gathered botanicals from the wilderness 

We dry, infuse, macerate, extract and distill wild plants for their unique aromatic and therapeutic properties. This enables us to capture the terroir of our bioregion giving our skincare line its authentic & unparalleled essence. 

2. We source Canadian ingredients to create the foundations of our formulas 

We’re proud to source as many our of raw materials as locally as possible. We use ethically harvested Canadian salt from an ancient sea bed in our bath salt, prairie sourced clay in our face mask, beeswax from local apiaries and organic cold pressed plant oils made in Canada. 

3. We use minimal packaging that is either recyclable or compostable 

We use eco friendly packaging to reduce our footprint. Having a low ecological footprint is dear to our hearts. 

4. Our products are 100% natural & cruelty free 

Our effective formulas are derived from nature. We create simple yet powerful products that are long lasting and inspired by Canada’s Boreal Forest. We are a cruelty free brand. 

5. Better for the environment & better sourcing practices 

Boreal Folk products do no use any synthetic fragrances, parabens or harmful toxins.

Natural products made with wild harvested botanicals⁣⁣ 🌿

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