5 Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With The New ‘Tesla Of Scrubs’

Say Hello To Premium & Futuristic Scrubs



The world’s first performance-driven scrubs.  

FOLDS are the first scrubs in the market to use nanotechnology making them permanently self-cleaning and resistant to viruses and bacteria. There are no chemicals or solvents used on our fabrics, and nothing gets washed off.  

FOLDS is known for soothing and hydrating the skin. Cotton-poly blends dry the skin by pulling moisture out, FOLDS restores the skin moisture and PH levels, leaving you with youthful skin.

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Patented Technology makes them antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial 

Our garments contain proprietary technology that works with the micro-particles in the yarn and releases silver ions to interact with viruses. 

 This makes them perfect for the operating room! 

 If you get bodily fluids on your scrubs, you can feel safer knowing that our scrubs help stop the culturing of viruses and bacteria on the garment. Our fabric has zero microfibre release (no lint in the air) keeping the air clean. 

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Perfect fit with light & athletic feel to the material

We reverse-engineered the perfect fitting scrubs. With a tailored fit as well as 4-way natural stretch, it ensures that your scrubs fit extremely comfortably. Many of our customers get compliments from people every time they wear them. 

 Our scrubs are made with soft, stretchy, sustainable, but cool & breathable fabric that keeps you very warm and comfortable during those long work days. It feels like you’re wearing a second skin.  

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Recyclable making them eco-friendly  

We use emerging fabric technologies that create protective synthetic tech fabric out of recycled material that uses less energy, no chemicals, and zero water resulting in recyclable and comfortable scrubs with zero microplastic release.  

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Hand sewn in Canada

Designed and made right here in Canada. We design and engineer our scrubs locally and also source the highest quality materials to ensure a premium level of performance and comfort.

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Techware for extroadinary professionals

Soft, stretchy & sustainable

Get The World's First Performance-Driven Scrubs